Possible Touchkit 4 DatePicker Locale bug

In my mobile app I use the DatePicker in a similar way that I use the PopupDateField in my desktop app. I use different Locales for the date picker components to enable the users to see the dates in the format/language that they are used to.
This works nicely in my dekstop app but not in the mobile version. It seems to me, that the TouchKit DatePicker component is always using the locale that is setup in the browser and is not using the locale that I set the DatePicker to.
I think this might be a bug.

I’m using Touchkit 4 with Vaadin 7.4.0 and it’s the same with Vaadin 7.3.10.

It would be very kind, if someone from Vaadin could have a short look at this problem.

New ticket created: