Pos print.

Recently I devloped a pos applicaton with vaadin. But I can not print silently a report in client printer. Anybody know how I solve it. Please urgent notify me.


Can you please tell the rest of us what “Pos” stands for in this case, and more detail on what you want to do regarding printing, and what goes wrong?

Actually I developed as supershop applcation. When they selling some product, they want to printting its invoice silently in clients printer or pc. But my problem that how I print jasper report in client printer whitout show.

I assume by POS application, you mean “Point Of Sale”.

I do not believe it possible to “invisibly”/silently print a document in a Browser Application from the Browser - in other words, I don’t think you can simply code a button in a Vaadin Application to generate a Jasper Reprot to print from within the browser to a printer local to the PC running the browser.

I think you have two options :

  • Print on the Vaadin “server” to the printer attached to the PC. Clearly, that means that the server needs to have network access to the printer’s on the client PCs, and that you can work out which printer to print to - possibly based on the client IP address
  • Create a PDF from Jasper, and “somehow” get the local PDF Viewer to print it.

To be honest, I think the best and most sustainable approach would be the first one.

HTH a little,