PortletURL in Jetspeed

Hi everyone!

I have problem with PortletURL in Jetspeed.

I’m creating in my portlet the PortletURL to himself:

PortletApplicationContext2 pc2 = (PortletApplicationContext2) this.getApplication().getContext();
PortletURL purl = pc2.generateActionURL("test");
purl.setParameter("token", "1234");

Portlet implements PortletRequestListener and ParameterHandler (added to mainWindow)

When i run the created http link in new opened webbrowser, methods: onRequestStart
and handleParameters doesn’t have any parameters or attributes (onRequestStart).
But when I run the link again i the same browser window, parameters are appear.

Have You any sugestions to solve this problem?
In my apps i’m creating PortletURL with token for account confirmation - user will have to click link many times - it will be strange.

Maybe i have to set something for ajax sessions in webbrowser??