Portletdemo - Not inited via portlet

I created a GAE/GWT project and copied the Vaadin 6.2 files, all to the appropriate places and ran the sampler and other demos successfully. All the liferay, portlet, etc portlet xml files were copied to the appropriate places.

However, when I ran


It says in red background notification “Not inited via portlet”.

I even updated to use GAEApplicationServlet

<!-- Portlet demo application -->

How do I ensure I am using the portlet? Are there extra parameters to the url or is it a different context other than PortletDemo? Is there an eclipse nature I have to add to .project.xml?

Do I really have to create the demo/sampler project as a vaadin project?
Here’s the dilemma, I have to choose between creating it as a google project and vaadin project.
I have create it as google project because then gae/gwt would manage the war files properly and the jetty is not exposed by google as an eclipse app server.

I think I misunderstand because …
Liferay cannot work with GAE, right?