<portlet name> will only be shown after you refresh the current page.

I’m using Vaadin 6.8.12 with Liferay 6.1.1. I created the test portlet as per the Book of Vaadin 6.

When adding the portlet to a page, the content of the portlet is “ will only be shown after you refresh the current page.” until I manually refresh the page (or some other portlet triggers a render/action request).

Is there any way to get the Vaadin portlet to force a refresh of the page? (or not require a refresh in the first place)

Are there other portal (but not necessarily portlet-based) technology that mesh well with Vaadin?

Adding the portlet to the page is a one-time Liferay administrative event. Once you do that, any time you load the page the portlet content will be displayed.

Yes, I know. That doesn’t answer my questions. My use case is that the portal pages are pretty dynamic and user add portlets instances to their pages to customize it. Asking them to manually refresh the page each time they add a portlet to the page is a pretty lousy user experience.


With Vaadin 7, use JavaScript.getCurrent.execute("...");