PopupDateField 24 hour clock

I would like to have the time selection in the popup window show as a 24 hour clock instead of a AM/PM clock. My current locale is “en-US”. What is the easiest way to change how the time selection is shown?

Here is the linkhttps://vaadin.com/forum/#!/thread/559335

I was looking at that forum post yesterday. There are several issues with it. First it is not clear how to handle other locales such as “en-US”. I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to find a the correct locale/variant to use to show the time in 24 format, and stay with US english. The second thing is that that link to the extension is no longer valid, which hampered finding the correct extension. Thirdly, in my opinion, something like this should not require an extension to handle this standard way of showing time. I would suggest that you add this function to the field in the future.

Tried to download and install the extention it referenced and could not get it to compile. Got the following error.
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/vaadin/terminal/PaintTarget

Thank you

Still need to get this issue resolved. I have tried the extention and could not get it to compile. I have looked in the code to see if I could find a solution, and can not find one. Actually I could not find the code that creates the popup, if someone would point me in that directions, I might be able to solve the problem myself.