pom parent when using vaading as module

I’m using vaadin as a module of an already existing maven project. In the vaadin pom I have this:


but because it’s a module the parent shouldn’t be this one. How can I change the vaadin pom to have the project parent but still have the string in it?

Extending two parents is not possible. You have to apply your own spring dependency management if you don’t use its parent. There is no Vaadin specific example available

so, I put the parent of my project, right?

and the spring depedency is just a ?

Use your parent and apply the spring specific things - there is no black or white answer. It depends what you use by spring. If you use it for the dependency resolution; the spring bom has to be used as dependency management. If you rely on the spring parent maven config, it’s gets complicated

ok thank you

Maybe this setup can help you: https://github.com/sveine/vaadin-small-business-starter/blob/main/small-business-starter-project/pom.xml

@hospitable-boar Checkout this article https://www.baeldung.com/spring-boot-dependency-management-custom-parent

thanks @adaptable-uakari will take a look