Polymer & Vaadin stacked column chart categories


I’m working on a custom element using the vaadin column chart and need to be able to load the categories from polymer array - iron-ajax assigned values.

The following works for to populating each data series in my stacking-

   <color>rgb(152, 223, 88)</color>
     <template is="dom-repeat" items="{{jsondata.paid}}" as="paid">

Taking the same approach for the x-axis categories does not appear to work… e.g

   <template is="dom-repeat" items="{{jsondata.categories}}" as="category"></template>

I’m new to polymer and Vaadin elements…

Can anyone confirm this apporach is valid - or is my lack of polymer experience allowing me to assume the world is a pleasant place and these things should work :slight_smile:

btw - doing the following does apply the category labels but this smells!

handleResponse(request) {
.setCategories(request.detail.response.categories.split(',') );