Poker/texas holdem UI in vaadin 14+

It’s hard to imagine that the vaadin community hasn’t created a card game UI.

I would like to leverage some such project.

Ideally in Vaadin 14.

Any pointers? Advice? Links to code?
Anybody wanna get involved?

I suggest you to take a look on some web components like [vpusher]
( and maybe adopt for your purpose and make available to Vaadin Flow.


To integrate web components to Vaadin 14 take a look [here]
Web jar already exists


I didn’t get it working with V14 before I ran out of patience. Too much npm, polymer 3, bower, porting tools failed install, vaadin compatibility mode not making any difference, @HTMLImports not supported crapola.

I got it all working with V10 after publishing the webjar which has long term support but the browsers gave me @deprecation warnings … and then I found this

I can use this in V14. So not far … so much effort. Front end web tech is a disgrace to engineering. Kudos to Vaadin for trying to bring order to the chaos.

Anyway, I have something I can work with, thanks for your help.