Pls Help with liferay portlet

i’ve sent a msg but no body replied me,anyway
i’ve developed liferay portlet using vaadin,after deploying, the hight of the portlet was not more than 3 cm,even with maximize it.
i followed all steps of sharing vaadin library and themes in liferay system folder.
and i tried to force the hight of the main window like

Window mainWindow=new Window(“…”);

but there was no use!
so pls can anyone help me solving this.
thnx for u all

This works at least for me:


It is not immediately clear to me why mainWindow.setHeight(…) has no effect, we should check whether this is a bug or not.

thank you Henry,it worked and portlet has been displayed in the specified Height.
but now the Height of the portlet is the same when maxmized or minimized so how can change the height upon portlet state(min,max)?

Implement PortletListener and check the WindowState, see the
for an example.

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