Please help me decide


Can You advise me to choose between EclipseLink, Hibernate or DataNucleus?
The application will be spring based.
The backend will use PostgreSQL database. Itt will be an ecommerce app, so some special magento like product catalog is planned (some EAV style product attributes extension)
The Admin frontend will be Vaadin based.
The public faced store app framework is undecided yet (not too much traffic, maybe 100-1000 visit/day) is vaadin can be feasible here too?
The public faced store app must run on desktop and ios/android tablets.
Later on there will be spring rest module to provide rest api.

Any input is highly appreciated!


My recomendation is the more mature, and known stack:

  • Hibernate (for ORM access)
  • Spring (for dependency injection, transaction management, web services consumption and exposition, etc.)
  • Vaadin (as presentation layer) for backend, and for front end, with that ammount of visitors, you can choose between Vaadin or Spring MVC (I would prefer Vaadin also).
    Good luck!

Thanks for the input!