Please help, how I have to use setOfflineTimeout in a touchkit application?

Hi all,

I have a problem with slow responses from a server.

My touchkit application is talking to a remote webservice and awaits a response. But sometimes this response comes only after about 20 or 30 seconds…

I found this about
. Is that the right way or is there another approach to handle long response times?

Whatever I try, on such slow response I still receive the message about “Server cannot be reached” after perhaps 10sec. “Server” is the local server hosting the vaadin touchkit application, wiating for the answer from that webservice…

How and where should I implement this setOfflineTimeout?

I tried in different places, right now I have it in the main application class…

    public void onBrowserDetailsReady() {
		NavigationManager navigationManager = new NavigationManager();
		navigationManager.setCurrentComponent(new DCSmartMainView());
			// Timeout in Sekunden
			// solange soll die Anwendung auf Serverantwort warten
			// -1 == warte endlos

Anyway, it does not change the behavior at all.

Any ideas or hints are more than welcome!

Thank You!

P.S.: Using eclipse indigo with maven, vaadin 6.8.1 and touchkit 2.1.1


offlineTimeout and e.g. viewport settings should be configured earlier (prior to the “host page” is generated). In window or application constructor or in attach method. If that isn’t mentioned in docs, you could create a ticket about it.