Playing cards and Solitaire

Hi everybody,

As a weekend project last weekend I sat down and tested the latest Vaadin 6.3 with GWT 2.0 by creating a playing cards addon for Vaadin. To see that the addon could be useful for games I also created Solitare using it.

If you are interested, both projects can be found in the Vaadin incubator:
playing cards

A live demo of the Solitare game can be found at

Truly amazing! :smiley:

Very nice indeed. Now just to wait for the first multiplayer Texas Hold’em to show up :smiley:

Very nice!

… and now we even have a valid use case for the drag-and-drop specification? :slight_smile:

Just released version 0.4.0 with support for touch devices such as iPad. Check out the new Solitaire version at

Version 0.4.0 uses the touch enabled drag’n’drop functionality of Vaadin 6.6 and only required minimal changes to make everything work.

nice work :slight_smile:
Any chance that the Add-On will one day be under LGPL? as i saw that the SVG-Cards in the open source version runs under LGPL and not GPL?

Wow! Like it!

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