Plan for Vaadin Components


I’m happy to see that the Vaadin components are being extracted to a standalone library. I just have a few questions regarding it. What’s the plan for it? Will all components be available, for example the regular textbox, combobox etc? If so, is there any time plan?

Also, are there any plans for making a standalone GWT Widget library wrapping the Vaadin Components library? Personally I love the look and feel of the Vaadin components, but I’d prefer to keep my existing GWT application and logic.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Anton!

Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation for a few weeks and didn’t notice this post.

The plan is that it will eventually be possible to migrate from Vaadin 7 widgets/components to the new Web Component implementations. It’s not decided yet if absolutely every component currently in the Framework will be included.

There’s no time plan, but we are working on it with a dedicated team, so it’s not a side-project for the Framework team. I’m hoping that we will have something that we can call 1.0 at the end of this year, which contains enough components so that you can build a complete business application with it (covering some set, not all, of business use cases).

Yes, there is! We already have a generator for this, which is able to create wrappers for the Polymer elements. Check out the
projects in GitHub.

As a side note, the new Web Component implementations won’t necessarily share the same look and feel as the current Framework components. But we will make them even better looking and feeling :slight_smile: