PHP/JS in Vaadin

Are there any good (simple) methods to embed elements coded with php into Vaadin apps?
I also have stuff that’s easy to do with Javascript and incredibly hard with Vaadin. Is there some webview -like element in Vaadin?

For JS, see the “Using JavaScript” section of
Vaadin 7 tutorials

For our Vaadion project the user can define for output HTML areas a text converter - FREEMARKER, VELOCITY and RESIN_QUERCUS - last converter is a Java based PHP interpreter
The text render path has following flow
Template text data from DB (PHP-Script) + data fields from DB converted to PHP data elements ->Quercus interpreter->Java String->Vaadin Label (HTML Mode)

Thank you for your answers.
@Peter: Quercus seems very interesting. I’m definitely going to familiarize myself with it :slight_smile: