PHP interactions, sessions and POST


First of all, I’m a newbie using IT Mill Toolkit ^^.

In my new app using IT Mill Toolkit, I need to open some PHP pages (PHP and Tomcat servers are on the same computer). The problem is that pages I need to access request for session parameters.

Is it possible to transmit session parameters from IT Mill Toolkit to PHP? I don’t think so, but…

I’ve got an another question,

Is it possible to send POST parameters using Links or using Embedded browser?

Thanks in advance.



Sending GET parameters would be fairly trivial - just put create the URL with GET parameters and put it as an ExternalResource to link-component or use

There is no automated way of passing POST-parameters and creation of such feature would require creation of an extension for ExternalResource class and support for it in the terminal adapter (internal part of the IT Mill Toolkit). This might be an useful feature, so you could add it to as a new feature request.

Some other ways of doing this could be: 1) using cookies to pass information, 2) passing the info through a soap/rest/… call from IT Mill Toolkit server to PHP server, 3) passing the info through a common database, 4) passing the info through filesystem…

Thanks Joonas,

Yes using GET parameters would be easy but information I need to transmit are user information (using HTTPS) so I won’t do it via GET ;).

I’ll have a look on what you said, thanks.