phone application to existing vaadin site

I was trying to figure out what the best way to create a phone application that extends my existing vaadin site.

My goals are for the phone app:

  1. more rpc-like then vaadin is out-of-box (for better mobile experience)
  2. use the existing vaadin backend for doing jpa and database stuff, since it is going to be the same
  3. able to be turned into an application as well as being website (like a site i can use phonegap on)
  4. nice UI built in that was designed for phones

My thought at the moment is to add another servelet on my existing site. On this, have most of the mobile ui functionality be in one custom GWT widget. This one GWT widget will be inserting lots of javascript (the jQuery mobile stuff as that is really nice). The widget will using the widget-rpc addon for vaadin to get information back and forth from the database. I will also use the gwt-phonegap project to add phone functions and wrap the whole thing (including the vaadin client page) with phonegap.

Does this plan even make sense? Any other suggestions for getting the four things I would like?

Touchkit would be easier but I found it messes up a lot if you have even a slightly spotty connection, and it is slow and unmaintained. My thought is that this way I wouldn’t have the problem of out of sync so much since I am using the widget-rpc.

hi Mark,
Nice project! Any progress on integrating JQuery Mobile stuff to GWT?