pet project looking for collaborators

Hi guys,

I will be at JFokus 2010, talking about
RESTful web-services
. My presentation is not about Vaadin but to make it more entretanning I am inviting some friends to create GUIs connected to my web-service.

The best we have so far is the
DWR web-app
(select “Ceará Java User Group” + PUJCE-08). I also configured two other modules:
JSF 2.0
but as you can see on the screen that modules are kind of abandonned out there :wink: There are some students designing/learning the Vaadin module but they are really juniors and I can’t help them much because I am not a Vaadin expert (I am the server side guy).

So, if you eventually have time and motivation to try out a new pet project, please just start :slight_smile: It is a
project where you are free to invent whatever you want - the only restriction is to use the web-services (or connect direct in the EJB layer if you prefer).

It can be a nice demo for Vaadin and also a good reference/learning material available for the Java community.

Interested? you can
start here

  • The goal of this web application is to support an
    academic competition
    we promote annually in Brazil. It is a real competition with real prizes. We just never had time to produce on online system to support it and that’s what I am trying to do right now.