Performance in transactions with Vaadin

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I have a question, I’m working on an application that will hold about three million transactions per hour, I wonder if vaadin is prepared to support this number of transactions, or if I could indicate how much is the maximum number of transactions it supports, or number of connected clients prepared for this because I read in several forums vaadin they said that was not prepared to support this number of transactions.

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Vaadin Scalability

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I read the document but not clear if the figures used are for example or are the maximum that supports the framework


Using, or not using, Vaadin has quite a little to do with the amount of transactions your application can handle. Vaadin is not doing your transactions, although they may be initiated by a java thread. Whether you application can handle 3 million transactions depends much more on e.g. your general architecture, transaction type (one or more databases, number of changed tables), database and its possible clustering setup and database schema than usage of Vaadin or any other UI library.