PDF Embedded preview

I am writing small application and I need a small PDF preview. I found this solution:

File pdfFile = new File....
Embedded pdf = new Embedded(null, new FileResource(pdfFile, getApplication()));

it works great, but I have two questions.

It is kind of funny sytuation. When I am trying to open new modal vaadin window, having PDF preview running, this window appears, but not whole of it. Background is under PDF application, but all controls like buttons, fields ect. are over PDF. It looks quite strange… is there a way to repair this? To make the window cover PDF viewer?

Is there a way to configure PDF application? For example I would like to set up default zoom level, or to turn off toolbar.


I hope you notice that PDF embedding is usually done with a browser plugin. For example, Acroread comes with one so many computers have it but not all and other might have other readers. That requires some certainty that your users have the plugin installed. Normally, it is more compatible and recommended that you do not embed a PDF page but let the browser open it with a PDF viewer if one is installed.

The PDF reader plugins may accept some parameters, you should check their documentation.

Some parameters
be embedded in the PDF metadata. For example, if you export documents from Open/LibreOffice, you can tune many such parameters that control how the page is opened.

The same issue (embedded PDF and z-order problems between the native PDF plug-in and elements rendered by the browser) came up very recently in
this thread

Ok, so I will be watching
this thread
I am closing this one to not duplicate problem.


I don’t know if this thread is still active but I’ll ask this here so I don’t have to open a new one unnecesarily…

When I embed the PDF as it says here, I have to resize the layout in order to get the embedded pdf to take the full height of it…When I reduce the width of the vartical layout that contains the PDF it starts getting the complete height, showing it perfect when I return the layout to the previous width…

here is the code…the layout is contained in a splitpanel, and when I resize it I get the explained result…

File pdfFile = new File(app.getFileLoction()+"projects\\"+proyectNumber+"\\"+fileName+".pdf");

				Embedded pdf = new Embedded("", new FileResource(pdfFile, getApplication()));



I’m starting in Vaadin, and I think a very good tool.
I’m trying to add rtsp with VLC or QuickTime. I can not get it to run.
I’ve also tried Label, to include HTML. It works with all browsers, but not with IE.

Thank you.