PDF does not work in a popup in IE9 with Vaadin 6.6.2

I am trying to display a PDF in a popup window using Vaadin 6.6.2 and the code as shown in this blog:


The problem I have is that whenever I close the Window containing the PDF it always hangs the current browser tab in IE 9.

I have tested this in Safari, Firefox, and IE 8 and its works fine. I also know that the problem is related to the embedded PDF as I have tried replacing the embedded PDF with a Vaadin Label and then the popup window closes fine in IE9.

I am having a similar problem with IE9 and a PDF in a popup window. When I close the popup, the page goes all white. If i refresh the browser, I get my page back. Not sure if I am hanging or not. Were you able to solve your problem?

As I explained in
this post
, I also have the same problem. I don’t think this is especially related to a popup window since you can already reproduce it in the sampler application by, for example, opening the Vaadin book in the WebContent sampler and click the reset button (then the page goes all white).

I must say that this is a very annoying problem since it could cause my organisation to ditch Vaadin for another framework if I can’t have a working solution in my prototype.