pattern matching in instanceof is not supported in -source 13

Hello everyone! I am new to Vaadin and web development in general. I am following ‘Spring Boot Web App Tutorial’ video on
vaadinofficial Youtube channel. I have already downloaded the project from ‘Project Setup’ → ‘Download Starter’. However, once I run the application through Intellij IDEA, I get the error ‘java: pattern matching in instanceof is not supported in -source 13
(use -source 16 or higher to enable pattern matching in instanceof)’, referring to the ‘equals’ method in the ‘AbstractEntity’ class. In project configuration window, my Project SKD is ‘semuru-16’ and project language level is ‘16 (Preview) - Sealed types’. How can I solve this issue? I want to proceed with learning this subject, but can’t overcome this setup issue.

Java 16 is EoL. Use Java 17 and the latest stacks and the problem should be gone

I wonder why your IDEA decides to use Java 13 source version :thinking: You should use Java 17 (latest long term support) at least for anything new. Could you try to update your IntelliJ & update to JDK 17.

Thank you guys, updating my IDEA to the latest version solved my issue.