PasswordField with chromeIPass


is anybody using PasswordField with browser plugins such as chromeIPass or Keefox?

We have the problem that entering the password via chromeIPass (in Google Chrome) doesn’t work.
The PasswordField is recognized and visually it seems, that the password is entered, but the field is still empty.
This can be seen, when I do a mouse right click into the PasswordField, than it gets cleared.

Has anyone experience with PasswordField and chromeIPass or Keefox or similar browser plugins?
Any hint is greatly appriciated.

Have you tried using com.vaadin.ui.LoginForm (Vaadin 7.6+)

I haven’t yet tried it, but watched it’s source code, and it internally contains a PasswordField too.
Nevertheless, I will give it a try soon.

I haven’t tried it either, but at least the javadoc claims “The supplied components are specially treated so that they work with password managers.” What ever that means

It doesn’t work for me with LoginForm in all cases, too.

Fields have setRequired(true).
When fields are empty, it doesn’t work (with and without databinding to fieldgroup).