Passing multiple parameters between views

Hi guys,

My name is Harrison. I am new to vaadin and I need your help. Thank all of you in advance.

I want to know whether I can pass multiple parameters between views. For now, I only know that I can use a “/” to separate the view name and the parameter in navigateTo method in order to pass a parameter. Like this:
navigateTo(DashBoard.NAME + “/” + email.getValue()).
But is there any way to pass more than one parameters? Or this is not the correct way that I should use to pass parameters. Thanks so much. I hope this make sense. Sorry for the bad English.

starting from Vaadin 8.1 you can add more parameter separated by & after view name and get them through ViewChangeEvent.getParameterMap.

navigateTo(DashBoard.NAME + “/mail=” + email.getValue()+ “&param2=xyz”)

You can also use a different separator and then call ViewChangeEvent.getParameterMap(separator)