Pass event to parent Component


i have a table cell with a HorizontalLayout. The Problem is if i click in the cell the table gets no value change event. Is there a possibility to pass the click event from the HorizontalLayout to the Table?



depends on what you need. If you need just single selection in the table, an acceptable solution would be to add a LayoutClickListener to the HorizontalLayout and from it just call Table.setValue() with the itemId of the row the layout is in.

Note: this does not work reasonably if you need multi select in your table.

In the latter case it’s possible to write a relatively simple Extension to the layout which catches these events and forwards them to the table.


Thanks for your reply.

Where do I find the Extension? Can you show me the Extension?


unfortunately such an extension is not currently available. What I was suggesting is that if you know a bit about the vaadin extensions and gwt, it’s not very difficult to write one :).

I might write and publish one in the directory later if I have the time. I’ll post here again if I do.


Ok thanks, iam excited for your solution. I have a small solution(workaround), but only the single selection works- not really nice-

Tepo ;)?


just published it:

Please try it out and post if you have any issues. And do note that you need to extend each component in the Table with this extension for the selection to work for all of them.