parameterize request for Jmeter


I have to parameterize request for Jmeter Benchmark over Vaadin application.
But i don’t understand the structure of posted datas.
It’s look like : d5e332e6-3b7d-402d-974a-2387a21087c5781PID0heighti1423PID0widthitruePID162stateb1,144,684,false,false,false,false,1,34,10PID162mousedetailss

What is the meaning of these datas ?
Is there anything to parameterize ?

Thanks for your help.

The data is the UIDL that is sent by the client-side components to the server.
This book chapter
has a good explanation. You can change those parameters as you see them, but it’s much easier if you set debugIds to all your UI-components.