Panel missing borders --

This is a bit of a strange one – in my (continuing) complex application – I have a fairly complex layout … Part of the layout is a series of tabs, each showing different panels of information (nothing new here).

Within one tab though, I need to break that down so I decided on using According type just to make it more interesting (I hope).

In one according, I need to show a complex “form” – that I laid out using a Grid … and within the overall form is a “sub-form” that needs to have a little border around it, so I decided to use a Panel – and within the Panel, have a FormLayout … which I then put in the larger Grid …

Viola – everything looks great – the sub-form has a little border around it with a caption and everything looks good.

I try the exact same thing in a different Accordion tab (of the same overall Accordion piece) – and the fields of the sub-form shows, but the Panel styling does NOT show – no caption is shown nor are the little borders showing. The fields are just “floating” in the Grid like they are surrounded by a Panel (cuz they are) but the Panel isn’t showing ??

So, under what conditions would a Panel within a Grid not want to show it’s Caption and Border elements when rendered?

I’ve looked twice to make sure the code between the 2 Accordion tabs are identical and I’ll check again this morning … but they SEEM identical (except for the actual complex form layout and fields, etc) …


And solved !

Nothing like an early morning cup of coffee to see the light The error was that I was attaching the FormLayout to the Grid and not the Panel holding the Form… DOH!

It seems a shame I need to create a Panel to just get nice stylings around my form layout (i.e. borders and caption) …

Or do I? :slight_smile: