Panel Caption doesn't wrap--style problem?

I am using a Panel’s caption to hold a large amount of text. On a small browser, the caption does not word wrap. This occurs whether the Panel has undefined width or full width.

Is there a style setting somewhere to affect this, or some other way to accomplish this?

I’m using the Runo theme, if it matters.


I can see for at least the Runo theme that even if one sets the white-space CSS property to pre-wrap or normal or something like that, the area reserved for the caption is not big enough to house the wrapped caption.

For the time being, I’ve dropped back to using a Label.

But I’m a very curious sort. :slight_smile:

Is there, then, a way to have the caption word wrap, and to have the little border under the caption (in the Runo “light” style, for example) “move” to accommodate the new caption? Some CSS trick I’m blissfully unaware of? :slight_smile:


Captions are not really designed for very long text, and their implementation and use in size calculation is also layout dependent. I would recommend using a Label here.

That said, Jouni might have an idea on how to get around this - it might be simple or impossible, I haven’t looked into this in more detail.


Easy to fix for the “light” style:

.v-panel-caption-light {
   white-space: normal;
   height: auto;

This might even be the default style for the light panel, makes more sense than clipping the text.

Thanks, Jouni.