Pandemic got you down? Come write useful, elegant Vaadin code with us

Yes we are still looking for developers even during the pandemic. Also we pay weekly so quick turnaround on work to payment.

This is a repost from a previous thread here…

We are looking to hire a developer to help us build apps in Vaadin.

We are a 4 person consulting company that specializes in building apps in Vaadin. We love Vaadin and want to spread the love.

Basically we build apps on the following stack:

Vaadin 8 or 14 Jetty Postgresql Hibernate Google Guice

We are in Calgary, Canada.

The company is build around the idea of using Vaadin to rapidly build software where business logic comes first and look/feel come second. If you want a job building sane, straightforward Vaadin apps for real companies then we will get along well.

If you have a decent computer and stable internet and are willing to work remote. Message me on the forum or

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

We are still looking for more people. If you want to join the team email me at We pay hourly so you can work just part time if you like. We are able to transfer payment weekly.


Hi there,

Still looking?

Hi Sjoerd Brauer I forgot to check the forum. Yes we are still looking!

Any anybody else who is looking can email me at or my work email

Hi please visit my company website The entire website is developed using Vaadin, Hibernate and MS Sql Plus full integration with Analysis server.

I would be interested in developing for you.

Please let me know?