Page Scrolling from Grid (touch devices)

Version: Vaadin 14.1.3 Java 1.8

Context: A Vaadin Grid is populated with items and its height is specified by the number of rows (eg setHeightByRows(true)). It’s width takes up the majority of the viewport width

Expected Behavior: On a touch device, attempting to scroll the page up/down outside or within the Grid should scroll the page up/down

Observed Behavior: Scrolling only occurs when done outside the Grid (above, below or alongside the grid in the tiny portion of it’s margins). Attempts to scroll from within the borders of the Grid fails scrolling the page. Applies to scrolling initiation - when scrolling is initiated from outside the grid, the scroll can then be controlled from a touch within the grid (unless the scrolling ends, at which points its back to initiation)

Workaround?: Am looking for a workaround that is not too hackish, and hopefully doesn’t involve upgrading.

I have tried the following alone and in combination (hoping they might disable an event handler in some way) without effect:

grid.setVerticalScrollingEnabled(false);//also tried true

Have found the following…
…seems related, but there is no posted workaround/fix I could find to try

Example Code (Note this code works within Chrome developer tools mobile device emulator, but does not page scroll on device itself):

public class GridTest extends VerticalLayout{

	public GridTest() {
		List<Item> items = new ArrayList<>();
		for ( int i = 0; i < 50; i++ ) {
			items.add(new Item(String.valueOf(i) ));
		Grid<Item> grid = new Grid<>();
	private class Item{
		private String name;
		public Item() {
		public Item(String n) { = n;
		public String getName() {
			return name;
		public void setName(String n) { = n;