packaging question: update-widgetset issue with multiple widgetsets

I managed to create my first GWT component : a clickable label that reacts on the touchstart event (which occurs 400ms before the onclick or onmousedown event). I support onmousedown on devices that lack touchstart.

I would like to package this as an add-on, but I have either stumbled upon a bug with update-widgetset or with my brain :slight_smile:

If you add the attached file to your project, you will notice that the .gwt.xml will keep growing everytime you rebuild the widgetset – the builder simply does not recognize that two of the widgetsets inside the jar are already present. The jar contains 3 widgetsets.

I created the jar simply by running the Maven install goal, which, to my amazement, called the proper Vaadin magic and installed the file to my local repository. But the Eclipse plugin has the exact same behavior, so I suspect the problem is elsewhere.
11528.jar (42.7 KB)

Are only the entries for GWT modules other than Vaadin widgetsets duplicated, or does this also affect Vaadin widgetset entries? Does it occur if you have no references to non-Vaadin GWT modules in the file?

issue #5026
(non-Vaadin GWT module entries were duplicated in the widgetset) was fixed in 6.4.0, but apparently there has been a regression. Please reopen the ticket or create a new one referring to it.

Only the non-vaadin widgetsets are duplicated. Re-opened the bug and attached the jar to the ticket.