Packaged WAR missing static resources

I built a WAR file using the Maven command per the documentation:

mvn clean package -Pproduction

However when I run the app it fails to load due to 404 errors referencing VAADIN/static. (screenshot 1)

When I look at the WAR file, I can see “build” and “config” in the VAADIN folder, but no “static”. (screenshot 2)

What is going wrong?


I see now that these static resources are included in the flow-X.jar files. The question is - why aren’t they being served up by the Vaadin Servlet?
I’m deploying under Java 11 and Tomcat 8.5 if that matters…

Sorry for replying to my own posts, but just wanted to document the issue for posterity.

It turns out that the global Tomcat context.xml file contained this configuration:

This caused the JAR resource scan to be skipped.