overlay component

I am looking for some overlay(?) component addon. The following is my assignment requirement: (1) drawing a rectangular area by pressing mouse and moving. (2). this area should be on top of existing Vaadin chart. (3). This component can collect its coordinator at absoluteX and absoluteY once mouse is released.

Thank you so much!


It probably not what you intend to do, but you could check XY type zoom.
Maybe XY zoom type, plus ChartSelectionEvent which will prevent the actual zoom gives you enough information to implement your behavior.
Take a look at this demo combining both zoom and selection: https://demo.vaadin.com/charts/#WebXYChartSelection

Hope this helps


Thank Guile for your information. I can implement the first two steps. How do I get absoluteX and absoluteY of the rectangular area?

The following code is being used in the mentioned example:
scatterChart.addChartSelectionListener(new ChartSelectionListener() {

        public void onSelection(ChartSelectionEvent event) {
			Double ciientX = event.getClientX(); //There is no method like this. I like to implement it.
	ChartSelectionEvent doesn't provide getClientX() method. I think I need to implement it. How do I implement it? I know GWT and VAADIN. I never implement Event in Vaadin.
	Thank you very much!