Our Vaadin webproject - Review it just for fun.

We created this page (coding, web/app developing, html/css etc) using Vaadin: http://www.arto.turkuamk.fi.

About the project: It’s web page for Turku AMK Taideakatemia for presenting students’ thesis projects. First the project was “like facebook but for thesis projects” but since that got shot down quickly, now it contains some Web 2.0 social elements etc.

I’m just looking for some feedback and comments, since this is our first time using Vaadin :slight_smile:

edit. found “who is using vaadin”-thread too late. This post can put there.

Nice to see one more Vaadin project open on the web.

The layout seems to be broken on Google Chrome, though.

Oh, really? It’s works with our Chrome on Mac and Pc. Can you post screenshot if thats not too much trouble?

Looks good and Vaadin seems to be a good fit to the site (even though it is most used for “apps” - not “sites”).

As a development point - I would use UriFragments for all the sections - not just projects. This would ease bookmarking and enable browser back-button.

We just started working with URIFragments, thanks for the tip.
And there is little “app”-like thingy behind the site. All text, content and even navigation is dynamic and behind “admin panel-app”. It’s almost like CMS :slight_smile:

Wow, I’m kind of amazed, it works so seamlessly. Not having to wait for a page reload makes quite a difference actually compared to traditional websites.

Good job!

The layout is quite extensively messed on Chrome 5.0.375.38 beta.
If I still see this issue after updating Chrome, I will write a more complete description.


Just reporting that it seems to work fine on my Chrome
6.0.408.1 dev
on linux.

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Works with Chrome 5.0.375.55 beta as well, must have been an issue with a particular Chrome version.

Just tested with a fresh Chrome for mac, 5.0.375.55. The background seems to be off. See the attached screenshot.

Edit: Ok, the attachment handling is pretty bad, moved to

Thank you for the feedback and the screenshot, we are looking into it. Seems like the problem is in RGB color profile.

Edit: Background bug should be fixed now. Thank you for reporting it.

ARTO developer