"OSGify" my Vaadin Project

Hi all,

i would like to “OSGify” my vaadin project built up with maven, i’ve read about the vaadin-osgi addon that helps on installing a vaadin application as a OSGi declarative Service and after that I tried also the sample which runs like a charm under felix. The problem is that example is quite basic and is made up with no dependencies. Now my question is: How can I deploy my Vaadin web application which is a WAR into Felix as a OSGi bundle? I mean, my project is quite big and I use my own theme and some vaadin add-ons, I know that OSGify every single add-on can be a challenge but I could use they as bundle dependencies inside the jar. I tried in many ways to achieve the result, one of these was to build the project not as a WAR but as a Bundle, even use the pax-web project which creates a WAB (war that can be deployed into a Osgi framework) starting from generic war and I also tried the pax-for-vaadin project but non of these helps me.

Is there a procedure, a way or something like an How.to guide that helps on deploying a Vaadin WAR web application into a OSGi environment??. Thanks for any kind of response.