OSGi Status

Noticed a lot of activity on Flow github issues re OSGi.

Is there any thing available for early experiments?

Any rough draft docs?

Will it be in V17?

There have been some issues re Http Service and Jetty.

Will the new OSGi version run in karaf (4.3) with any changes to Http Service and jetty?

OSGi support will be based on HTTP whiteboard spec.
Pure Http service won’t be supported.

OSGi support won’t be in V17. Most likely it won’t be even on 18.
It targets V19 at the moment.

Karaf is not tested yet and I cannot say anything about this right now.
If OSGi container supports HTTP Whiteboard spec then Vaadin WAB will work.

But Karaf is not pure OSGi container. It supports WAR deploying. So it means that already now you may deploy
a regular WAR on Karaf.

Just to provide further details, Vaadin 17 is already out and it is not getting any new features… and the train for V18 has left (GA coming out in Dec.). So like Denis said, the current work is aimed at V19 (GA March 2021). We most likely then backport it to a V14 minor release after that, but no timeline for that yet. The earlier we get feedback on OSGi support in V19, the earlier we can backport it to V14.

We will make some announcements once the work is done for V19 and you can test the OSGi support there. Current forecast shows that this happens earliest before holidays in December but no later than mid-January.