OSGi + maven + Vaadin 7

Hi there,

I’m looking for an OSGi driven application example with Vaadin 7 support and managed by maven.

We want to be able to

  1. develop and debug in eclipse
  2. manage our dependencies with maven
  3. be able to include third party jars in single projects and to share them to other projects if needed
  4. if it is only possible not to use the eclipse-plugin .target concept
  5. use OSGi annotations

Sorry if I describe it a bit silly, this whole topic is still not quite obvious for me.

I have not yet decided which OSGi Framework we should use for that, but most probably it will be either Felix or Equinox. Or something what you will suggest us. The Karaf looked a bit odd at first sight.

I already have an example application with Equinox and a .target file, where all the projects are acting as eclipse-plugins, but it is not flexible enough and well, I’m not really happy with it. It is originally based on examples of Florian Pirchner, described here: https://lunifera.wordpress.com/vaadin-7-osgi-bridge/
In case if somebody is interested in it, I can provide it here.

But it would be much better if you will point me to some other working example. Or if you already have such working skeleton and can share it :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!
Best regards,