OptionGroup question

hi all:
im just use the vaadin,use netbeans IDE.im have 2 question ,hope tell me,tks;
1.im want use GridLayout(3,3) layout OptionGroup,OptionGroup it’s support?if support,pls tell me how?
2.on vaadin page hava a window,if im close the window ,im refurbish the page ,the window don’t show,why?if at html page ,refurbish ,it’s show.
pls tell me ,thanks~

If I understand your question correctly, then no - you can not change the layout used ‘inside’ of an OptionGroup. As a workaround in your case, you could have two OptionGroups with 3 items next to each other (you’ll need to null the first when an item is selected in the first, and so on…) Not ideal, but workable…?

Vaadin keeps the state on the server, not the browser, so when you refresh the page you should actually see the exact same thing you saw before the refresh. If you want to re-open the subwindow, you must do so explicitly.

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add-on allows to position radio buttons or check boxes of a OptionGroup freely. Instead if having one OptionGroup component you have
radio button or check box components.

This is obviously a much better solution - Rule #1: Always check the Directory first :wink:

// Marc

hi all,thanks ,im try~