OptionGroup in Scaladin

Having the hardest time creating a simple OptionGroup in Scaladin. I’m currently trying the following:

val accountType = new OptionGroup { caption = "Which best describes you?" }
val passenger = new CheckBox { caption = "Passenger" }
val driver = new CheckBox { caption = "Driver"  }

I get the radio group, but the text of both options is “false”, not my options.

If I call addItem(“Driver”)… I do get Passenger and Driver radio buttons, but clicking on them returns the full string in accountType.value, which is a bit longer than I included here. If addItem(…) is the way to go here, then how do I match items on form submit without matching on the text of the item itself? I don’t want to tie the match to the text of the buttons.


I’m still stuck on this. Here’s a bit more of my code for additional context:

val accountType = new OptionGroup { caption = "Which best describes you?" }
val passenger = accountType.addItem("I am a passenger and hire/schedule my own drivers.")
val driver = accountType.addItem("I run a driving business and schedule/bill passengers.")
accountType.required = true
addField("accountType", accountType)
val signup = Button("Sign up", {
      u <- email.value;
      p <- password.value;
      t <- accountType.value
    ) {
      println("Account: "+t+": "+t.getClass)

“t” is returned as one of those long strings. I could match against those, but that’s ugly, even if I did make them constants. It seems like there should be a better way to do this.

I tried setting CaptionMode, but that only seems to change how the item is represented.

I tried passing more options into the addItem call, but these only seem to be converted to strings and added to a tuple.

I tried adding CheckBoxes, then setting a bunch of different caption modes. Nothing.

I’ve reread and reread the selection sections from the Vaadin book.

I’ve googled. There are plenty examples of complex beans and such, but I can’t find a simple example.

I just want a radio group with the above strings as user-displayed options. I’d then like to extract some simple value from that selection–I don’t care what, as long as it isn’t the long human-displayed strings–and transform that to a simple value in my app. Something like:

val role = if(t == 0) “passenger” else “driver”

How do I do this?



here’s one example:

object OS extends Enumeration {
  val Osx = Value("OS X")
  val Windows = Value("Microsoft Windows")
  val Linux = Value("Linux")

val og = new OptionGroup {
  OS.values foreach { addItem(_) }

So basically it’s not a whole lot different than assigning the UI messages to strings, then checking for the string in the value? I was hoping to avoid that, as it feels odd to mix stuff that appears in the UI with server-side values, but if it’s the only way…

Is there no way to do something like:

addItem(0, “Linux”)
addItem(1, “OS X”)

then match on 0 and 1 instead of the hard-coded strings? Or maybe to attach a listener that triggers and sets a var when the item is checked?


Yes there is, method setItemCaption in Vaadin OptionGroup, I just noticed that this method is missing from Scaladin’s OptionGroup wrapper, but you can call Vaadin’s method directly:

optionGroup.p.setItemCaption(0, "caption")

Perfect! Thanks.