OptionGroup in Formlayout

Hey everybody,

I wanted to change the order of caption and checkBox in a FormLayout, so that the caption is at the first column and the checkBox itself at the second one. This worked with the solution of Guillaume Menguy at this thread:

Now I want to change the arrangement of the radiobuttons / checkBoxes of an optionGroup at the formLayout as well. I tried the same solution like the one of the checkBoxes, but this didn’t work. No I used the Add-on FlexibleOptionGroup. Changing the order of caption and radioButtons / checkBoxes worked, but the whole optionGroup is still at the second column.

Can anybody help me? I’m not shure, if the solution with the FlexibleOptionGroup works, so that I can see the captions at the first and the radioButtons / checkBoxes at the second columns. Have you other solutions?

Thanks in advance.