Optimizing communication between browser and Vaadin-server (JSON-objects to

Hello at all,

I have written my own Vaadin AddOn. Within this I have to push a lot of data from Vaadin server to browser/client (e.g. 18000 objects with 10-30 attributes of strings, doubles and lists). When I use a profiler on Vaadin server I can see something like this:
Converting my objects into JSON objects takes about 2.3 seconds. Converting these JSON objects to “string” takes about 16 seconds.
Do you have any ideas what could I do to make it faster? The first part with 2.3 seconds would be ok, but 16 seconds…
Are there some “JSON optimization flags” which I could use? In profiler I also could see that the JSON frameworks spents a lot of time in the methode JsonUtil.quote() so I tried to reduce the amount of strings. For example I used Enum.ordinal() (int converted to double) instead of Enum.name() in my JSON objects. But it has no big impact. The usage of JsonUtil.quote() is lower, but Converting the “new” doubles into strings (String.valueOf( double )) inside the framework also takes its time.
Do you have any other ideas? Are there any possibilities to change the behaviour of the JSON framework in that way, that I could cache the “quoted” Strings to reuse them because I have a lot strings with the same content for example?

Thanks a lot.