OpenLayers Wrapper-Addon: MouseClick listener on Vector layer stops working


I have a vector layer containing a huge amount of point vectors and polylines with a click listener.
Everything is working fine the listener is working properly after every click, but after a while (dragging the map, zoom in/out) the listeners just stop working, you click on the items and nothing happens!!!
I tried to debug the code, the vector layer is still in SelectionMode.SIMPLE.
Any idea?
BTW if your encountering slowness in drawing multiple objects on the map more than 3000, use the advice given by Matti in the thread :


Works like a charm.

Please advice.


I’d guess there is some client side exception happening that makes the client side in an inappropriate state. If you can produce a test case about this, you could fill an issue to the project page so me or some other maintainer would investigate the issue. In case you have some experience with GWT or just willing to learn you could of course look at it yourself too.