OpenLayers - Positioning of Labels

I just entered issue

I have to place Labels below my VectorPoint. StyleMap allows me to create a Label and also Font Attributes, but the Label will be positioned directly at the Point - I need some offset, so that the Point is visible and also the Label.

openlayers has these attributes for StyleMaps:

                labelXOffset: "${xOffset}",
                labelYOffset: "${yOffset}",
                labelOutlineColor: "white",
                labelOutlineWidth: 3

I didn’t found a way to use these attributes.

I need the X/Y Offsets to place the Label correct and the OutlineColor and width ta have always a readable text inside the label.

would be great if this could be added - or show me how this can be solved - because I overlooked something


open source: OSGi and Vaadin:

Hi Ekke,

The latest version contains a public non-typed API for setting style properties so you could fall back to that:

public void setProperty(String key, Object value)

But we’d definitely need typed API as well.