Openlayers & DragMarker

I would like to ask the creators of addon openlayers-wrappers to implement control appeared in Openlayers 2.11 entitled DragMarker is a link to an example of its use…


I haven’t noticed such a feature before, but I think it shouldn’t be hard to implement. You should definitely add an issue to
the project page
. There are quite many tasks in queue already, so if you are in hurry I’d suggest to
go for Pro
and boost its development with a support request.

One thing that came to my mind: this feature resembles vector drawing to me. If you’d use styled point vectors and in drawing mode MODIFY, you should already get pretty similar effect. See
this example
. Similar (with proper styling) should be achievable with the open layers wrapper today.


hi Matty ,

First thing thanks for the addon , and i want to know if you have implemented the drag and drop of a marker ? if yes could you show me an exemple and thanks

Hi Matti, We really want the DragMarker and other components, could you implement them? Thanks a lot