OpenLayers Add-on: wms layer problem

I can display a wms layer by itself just fine using WebMapServiceLayer.

However, if I set setBaseMap(false) and try to view the wms layer over a base map (using either OpenStreetMapLayer or GoogleStreetMapLayer), the wms layer shows up in the Overlays section of the layer switcher widget, but the wms layer is not displayed on the map. Only the base map is shown.

I can demonstrate this issue using the demo application in the vol package. When I use a wms layer on my own GeoServer, I see from the logs that the server is never hit for the layer. (And again, it works fine if I just display the wms layer by itself without a base layer.)




My tests probably covers just WMS layer as a base map. Would you fill a ticket to the
google code project


OK, added ticket.

Thanks, Matti.