Open Source Theme for Vaadin 7?

We are a small team developing a set of internal web applications. And we do not have a Front-End developer at all.

Are there open source Vaadin 7 themes?

We would love to have a theme that looks nice and be able to tweak it to the extent of our CSS understanding.

So far we have been using unmodified built-in Runo theme.

I believe you can use the theme that comes with this vaadin 7 sample application. I read somewhere in the forums that the CSS are available for download for consumption.!/transactions

The Dashboard demo source code along with the theme can be found at

Do note that there might be some issues with that theme, since I don’t think it’s intended for general use but just for the demo application. So any components/features not used in the demo might not be themed. But it shouldn’t take too long to just try it out with your app.

Thank you. I think having couple of themes (I also found a demo for
port on github) should be a good starting point for us.