Open source testing framework for Vaadin based liferay portlets

Hi Everybody,

I was exploring different open-source frameworks for automating UI testing of vaadin based liferay portlets.

Selenium doesn’t work “as-is” with Vaadin and I have looked into TestBench but we are only considering open-source options for now.

HtmlUnit provides facility for testing javascript but seems to have some problems with vaadin ( ).

JsUnit seems to be another option but did not get any information on vaadin forum about it.

In your opinion which of these would be the most compatible and are there any other better open-source testing frameworks which could be considered for automating UI testing of vaadin based liferay portlets?

  • Thanks in Advance

Hi, I’m study on this, but I still finding, so I want to know have u find a way to resolve this?



AFAIK Selenium works, just as well with other “ajax stuff”. The WebDriver version works “almost well” if you use implicit waits, but there are some big gotchas that might make you loose your hair. E.g. sometimes is hard or almost impossible to detect if there is still a request to be received. Next version of TestBench will rest on shoulders of WebDriver, but it will solve this kind of issues like the previous version and provide some additional goodies.

is one of my add-on project that uses Selenium 2 (aka web driver) to do a basic integration test. I’d love to use TestBench (3) there, but then again there would be a licensing issues for other contributors that don’t have
Pro Account
. I have raised this concern to our CEO and I hope we can change licensing terms at some point so that TestBench would be free of charge when developing open source stuff with Vaadin.


Thanks, Matti.