Open HTML form in a Window

Hi everybody!

I’m trying to open an HTML form in my explorer tab.

I’ve one project that gives me Forms (html). From a Vaadin project, I can take the form resource with:

ExternalResource url = new ExternalResource(“http://localhost:8080/activiti-rest/service/process-definition/”+ myProcess +“/form?format=html”);
ProcessEngines.getDefaultProcessEngine().getFormService().getRenderedStartForm( myProcess )

and I create a Window but now I don’t know what to do with it… How to show it…

I’ve tried by a direct URL too, something like:

               [color=#A19E9E] url ,“_new”);

but it opens a new explorer tab and gives me the HTML code but I’ve the same problem… I don’t know how to manage it.

Right now I’m lost, it could be fine if you could help me in any way :slight_smile:

Ei !

I’ve foud the answer.
First of all, thanks to Henry Sara because he’s who wrote about this (
FORUM - custom layouts

Finaly, I resolved my problem:

            String part1 = "<html><form name='myProcess"' action='  ' method='post'>";
	String part2 = "</form></html>";
	String renderedStartForm = ProcessEngines.getDefaultProcessEngine().getFormService().getRenderedStartForm(nomProces).toString();
	String x = part1+renderedStartForm+part2;

            try {
		newWindow.addComponent(new CustomLayout(new ByteArrayInputStream(x.getBytes())));
	} catch (IOException e) {


Also you can create a submit action.

*Note that is the way to get the init forms of activiti


And what do you put in the submit action?

How do you start the task using html forms?