Online Webinar - Add-ons with Vaadin

Join Marc Englund and Sami Ekblad from Vaadin on how to create add-ons and leverage existing JavaScript widgets from within Vaadin and re-use existing GWT and JavaScript components.


Starting Thursday October 30th 2014 @ 3PM CET

Post your questions and comments below.

Webinar starting in 10 minutes - you can also post your questions here in this thread. :slight_smile:

Are addons just for distributing or is there a use of creating them and using it exclusively for our own project? Will that be faster?

Great, you are doing a hands on for extensions with javascript. I need to use it for strictly number fields with as you type validations, currency fields and decimals. Do you think I should be able to extend this concept. Hopefully find something on or find a js library that has these validations.
Or is there a better way of doing this?

@Javascript(“notify.js”) the javascript has to be in the same folder ? Is there a way to specify the path, if in different location.

Thanks Marc and Sami. Very informative.

Thanks for joining us, it was fun! Sorry about the typos, though… :slight_smile:

Creating an add-on on-the-air from scratch in a limited time, requires some shortcuts, so I wanted to point out an important part that I left out: Documentation!
For a really tiny add-on like this one, you might get away with just a small example (DemoUI) - but please at least add Javadoc to the classes and methods.
For most add-ons though, at least adding a README with some explanations and code snippets is a really good idea.

I hope you fould the webinar useful. Please feel free to send feedback, thoughts, questions, and suggestions!

I’m @marcenglund

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