OHLOH statistics - Vaadin vs Wicket

I took a look of OHLOH statistics and compared them to wicket:

  • Wicket has 8 active committers (29 total committers), while as Vaadin has 32 active committers (40 total committers)
  • Vaadin is estimated as a project to be twice the size of Wicket (automatic analysis from SVN)
  • Only 7 users have clicked “I use this” button on Vaadin project, while as 94 users have clicked the button on Wicket

Currently activity on Vaadin forum (daily average posts) is 2-5 times the activity on Wicket mailing lists. This would indicate that the Vaadin user community could be larger or at least moving towards that direction rapidly.

It is embarrassing that OHLOH reports that Vaadin has only 7 users :)

Please, could you go and click “I use Vaadin” button I added to the footer? If you have not registered to OHLOH already, please do - it doesn’t take too long and is a useful service.

go to the footer of this page and click “I use it” button!

For those of us who are too lazy to google the site: the url is

Could you elaborate on this? I strongly dislike registering for websites for single actions, so it would be great if
would benefit from registering.

I hadn’t noticed that button there. How about putting it somewhere more visible (but not annoyingly so) in the forums? It could also be placed more prominently in the download-page, right after downloading the file?

IMO it gives really interesting statistics about large number of open source projects. The true benefit of is being able to register and manage open source projects.

The reason for not noticing it before is that I added it today :)

Any propositions for good place to put the button on forums? And yes - definitely on download page. Good idea!

Something like this

Hm, how about in the “new post” and “reply” pages, right after all the save/preview buttons. But that’d require the button to have a more coherent look with the others…

Seems not too shabby. It now looks like Vaadin wants to put a considerable effort on promoting the use of OHLOH (perhaps intentional?). If it needs to be downplayed a bit, since I’m on a suggestion-spree, how about either doing a drop-down notice-bar (a la firefox or stackoverflow.com) or wrap it into a small square box, breaking it into two-three lines?

It’s not yet enough (only 32), so please go to the footer of this page and click "
I use it
" button!

And don’t forget to make a

Thank you.

One more… 33 :lol:

It seems that the number of users have grown 370% overnight ;)

(still the figure is really embarrassing, but comparing it to 7702 users firefox has gives some perspective)

Hi Joonas,
Why don’t make a form for registration, at least for the
Eclipse plugin
's download ? So you can have a realistic users number.

I cant see much point in registering for Ohloh (cant even pronounce it), I mean 7k for Firefox, Ubuntu 2684… I knew that stuff wasnt really popular :vader: I dont think I am going to be relying on this site for any stats on users… As Ramzi says a set of real stats might be of some interest … downloads of Vaadin and the Eclipse plugin…perhaps.

You are correct - no-one would believe any user numbers in OHLOH :)

Still estimating number of users is a hard problem and OTOH a curiosity that does not have any real value. The best metrics IMO are site visitors, forum posts and downloads. All of which show that the community is growing really really fast.

I would not be too eager to put any extra inconvenience for anyone to go through (forms) if it is not absolutely necessary.

We all know how Vaadin is the best solution.
Never mind what Ohloh said (by the way, it’s the first time I hear about it).
But It’s important for us to know who are using Vaadin and what kind of projects are done with it.
So, please try to make a registration form before downloading and give us statistics after that.

Created a new thread for
discussion about “who is using vaadin”
. Could we continue discussion there?

About the form… Still a bit skeptic. Such forms are typically used by sales to contact potential “prospects”. With Vaadin the community might not like that too much.

Maybe we could publish some of the usage statistics that is collected. Maybe something like this:


After a while ohloh of looking button in the footer it started to look out of place. Removed the button from there, but kept it on the download page. Still - even there - it seems to be somewhat out of place (as Henrik pointed out previously). Any ideas for better placements?

Its 68 now in OHLOH, i am newbie to Vaadin, but very much impressed with the ease of learn, Now iam promoting my Organization to use Vaadin for RIAs, but They are sticking to Spring/Hibernate solutions… it will be nice to see a good tutorial for that… 5 stars for Vaadin

Actually, Sprint/HIbernate is not a RIA, but so they could be used with any RIA framework and for sure, with Vaadin :slight_smile:

As for tutorials - I believe, there were several wiki postings about Sprint/Hbn, as well as hibernate-related addons in Directory.

Yeah,thanks… I was mentioning the same… Integrating Vaadin with Spring/Hibernate… Gone through the forums. seen some useful posts and links… Now going to try them and watch out…:slight_smile: